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About Us

SOFISA Group has evolved from the years we involve in fabric production which goes back to 80s. Combining the knowledge and experience of 30+ years with challenging design capability, we have started sourcing our valuable domestic and international clients.

With our professional team, innovative and quality-oriented approach, and sustainable and flexible production mindset, we offer to work with our partners for years long.

Besides our spearhead products, nightgowns, and evening dresses, our target products include all outerwear tops and bottoms for women and men.

We have a flexible design capability and our production lines are compatible with a large variety of product types. We are also open to new clothing product challenges coming from our clients which we can add to our portfolio.

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Abiye Sarayı

Abiye Sarayı is our local trademark which we aim to reach our valuable customers in every region with stylish quality products at reasonable prices, and reliable shipping.

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Ladyness is our international sourcing trademark which we aim to reach our valuable B2B clients all around the world.

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  • Design

    Our expert designers visualize your dream styles in a manufacturable way.

  • Pattern Drafting

    Our experienced pattern drafters create the patterns most effectively.

  • Sampling

    Our sewing team takes the designs into life for you to see and touch.

  • Fitting

    Our marketing team takes photos and videos with a live model to show you how the product fits and looks on a live model.

  • Labeling

    We get your desire on how to label the products or design a full labeling package for your products.

  • Barcoding

    We can provide barcoding at your discretion and make ready to e-sell products which can go directly to your warehouse.

  • Packaging

    We also offer several packaging solutions with different points of view (such as economical, luxury, etc.)

  • Shipping

    We can also cover shipping and provide door-to-door delivery to your store or warehouse.

  • Environment

    We care for the environment. Our products and packages are recyclable and we are certified for ISO14001.

  • E-commerce Photography

    We can provide you with e-commerce photos which are compatible with Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc.

  • Stock Management

    We can track your stocks and feed them proactively so you don’t get out-of-stock.


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