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Sofisa Group

SOFISA Group has evolved from the years we involve in fabric production which goes back to 80s. Combining the knowledge and experience of 30+ years with challenging design capability, we have started sourcing our valuable domestic and international clients.

With our professional team, innovative and quality-oriented approach, and sustainable and flexible production mindset, we offer to work with our partners for years long.

Besides our spearhead products, nightgowns, and evening dresses, our target products include all outerwear tops and bottoms for women and men.

We have a flexible design capability and our production lines are compatible with a large variety of product types. We are also open to new clothing product challenges coming from our clients which we can add to our portfolio.

As the SOFISA Group, we offer a turn-key fashion service to our clients to support their brands in all steps. With our custom service approach, we can add value to any desired part of your product sourcing process. We combine our knowledge and experience and use them all for your 100% satisfaction.


To establish a robust apparel sourcing mechanism to be known as one of the top 50 companies in Turkey.


To provide apparel to our domestic and international clients/customers and get their 100% satisfaction with the quality and price.